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Airflow Snorkels

Airflow Vector have been designing, manufacturing and selling 4×4 Snorkels both nationally and internationally for 26 years. With comprehensive study undertaken in Mould Design, Mould Making and utilising Computer Aided Design programs, they are able to produce some of Australia’s finest off- road snorkel kits.

Why Choose an Airflow Snorkel

Heavy Duty – Airflow Snorkels are manufactured using polyethylene, which is one of Australia’s toughest materials, that is remelted with additives to improve on UV stabilisation, ductility, hardness, impact strength and processing features. Each 4×4 snorkel kit, including the snorkel head filter, have been fitted with a breakaway system which will cause the snorkel to break away from the vehicles ‘A’ pillar upon impact, ultimately reducing the amount of damage caused to the vehicle.

Optimal Air Intake – Each Airflow Snorkel has been designed and stringently tested using Computer Aided Design software to achieve a snorkel with maximum air intake that takes into consideration the properties of the powertrain, design and structure of the vehicle. A 3.5” cold air induction allows up to 3.5 times more airflow when compared to competitors 3 inch ram, which only allows 1.8 times more airflow than standard.

Practical Design – Utilising a practical design, each Airflow Snorkel is fitted with a thermoplastic rubber TPR hose that is rated to 135 degrees celsius. Using pre-existing air-cleaners and under bonnet access points where possible, the snorkel is fitted with minimal join points to the air-cleaner to allow for minimal resistance. That being said, new access points to air-cleaners are used where existing connections do not allow optimal air-flow.


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