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4WD Suspensions and Lift Kits in Perth

Suspensions are an essential feature of your 4WD. If your SUV has been manufactured to make your driving on road more comfortable in mind, chances are off-road driving will be challenging for its suspension. The extra weight your cargo and additional 4WD accessories will add on and the very different driving condition will take a load on the performance of your suspension.

A 4-wheel drive suspension upgrade will greatly affect your experience on and off-road and the way you plan your trips.
By allowing to cope with heavier load and pressure, they can increase your 4wd towing and load carrying capability which will give you more options to pick from if you are considering towing a caravan or canopy. They improve your comfort across uneven all types of terrains and enhance your vehicle handling. To sum it up, better performing suspensions means you can push your current boundaries and go further than before off the beaten track.

Total 4×4 stocks 4-wheel drive suspension kits from leading manufacturers like RidePro Suspension, Superspring and West Coast Suspensions, that are easy to install. Our skilled team at the workshop can quickly install your 4wd suspensions in Perth if you prefer letting someone else handle it professionally.

If you aren’t sure about the 4wd suspensions you need, give us a call or contact us via email. We are a skilled and knowledgeable team whose specialty is 4wd accessories, we will be able to point you in the right direction.

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