Introduce ShuRoo to your fleet customers and increase your profits.

Kangaroo strikes are a real and costly problem to fleet operators throughout Australia. Recommending ShuRoo can save your clients $$$$thousands and help protect their people from injury or worse.

With OH&S implications becoming more onerous each year, helping to avoid the chance of injury swerving to avoid impact, during impact or from an unexpected airbag deployment is a huge benefit for fleet operators.

Major Client Benefits at a Glance:

  • Reduce kangaroo hits by up to 90%
  • Substantial repair cost savings
  • Avoids downtime losses, insurance claims
  • Helps protects drivers and passengers from injury
  • Less stress for drivers
  • Assists with OH&S requirements for employers
  • Environmentally friendly – helps reduce the road kill of our native wildlife

How does ShuRoo work?
Kangaroos hear approaching danger at a frequency level far higher than humans. A moving car makes low frequency noise so the animal only hears you when it is too late. The problem is worse at night because it is harder for you to see the animal and your lights blind their night vision. This kangaroo will jump to the only safe spot they can see, the road visible in your headlights. The high frequency ShuRoo Safety Sound Zone ShuRoo creates a “pattern” of high frequency sound for approximately 50 metres on each side and 400 metres ahead of the vehicle. To the roos it sounds as loud as a police siren so they have plenty of time to recognise danger and get out of your way.