Warn Winches are 4-wheel driving essentials

“I was left stranded” (said no one ever) with a winch and recovery gear.

What are the chances of getting bogged down knee-deep in some of the muddiest and sandiest off road tracks? — VERY HIGH

If you work or live in an environment where you know you’re going to get stuck on a day-to-day basis or regularly test the limits of your fourbie in the most extreme conditions then a Winch is going to be your saving grace.

The reliability, durability and performance of your recovery gear is going to be the key difference in getting yourself out of a tight situation or be left stuck twiddling your thumbs until help arrives.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior tackling Perth’s most extreme off-road tracks, a casual weekend adventurer, off-road racer or a farmer, having a winch installed will be your greatest advantage.

If you’re still unsure if you need a winch or which one to choose, Total 4×4 is more than happy to provide you with free expert advice to ensure you get a winch most suited to your needs.

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