Poly Long Range Tanks


Poly Long Range Tanks are an excellent choice available for the most popular 4-wheel drives.

Revolutionary new polymer long range fuel tanks:

  • Are lightweight, tough and have added capacity
  • Are made with new generation material, specialised polyethylene, that has long term uv stabilisation and is specifically designed with diesel fuel application in mind. it is 100% recyclable and is self-lubricating and will over obstacles rather than tear
  • Go through a true shape moulding process to┬ámaximise the space available
  • Have a thicker base where greater strength is required (wall 7mm, base 11-14mm)
  • Are Pressure tested to 1.5 bar during manufacture
  • Weigh only 15-20kg net
  • Feature shape memory: the tanks will revert┬áback to their original shape after impact