How to keep your aluminium and alloy bullbar clean and shiny

If there’s one thing that all 4×4 enthusiasts couldn’t agree more on it would be the frustrations of trying to keep the bull bar clean and shiny. 

When it comes to collecting notorious red dirt, splattered bugs, watermarks and whatever else the Australian outback may throw at you, nothing does it better than your bull bar. It is an absolute magnet.

If there was an award for ‘the most dirtiest modification’ on a 4×4, bull bars would take home the gold. Even if you weren’t travelling remotely or smashing through some of WA’s hectic off-road tracks, the bull bar is somehow always dirty.

Thankfully, unlike the underbody of a fourbie, which is a complete See You Next Tuesday to clean, cleaning a bull bar is as easy as it gets.

Whether you’ve got an alloy or aluminium bull bar, if it’s starting to look old, weathered and tired here’s how to keep it clean and shiny.

Get yourself some Autosol

Chasing that mirror shine? Autosol aluminium polish will get the job done. Specially formulated polish, Autosol is safe to use on alloy and aluminium surfaces, meaning it’s perfect for bull bars. It can be used to polish, clean and protect, leaving behind an unparalleled mirror-like shine with no hazing or scratches.

Unlike its liquid counterparts, Autosol comes in a concentrated power paste form that is non abrasive and can be confidently used on all aluminium surfaces and softer metals. Autosol can be found at your local Super Cheap Auto.

Reliable Silvo Silver Polish

Yeah just Silvo’s aye. Silvo is a metalware polish cleaner that can be purchased from any local hardware store, Bunnings or even Woolworths. It’s super easy to use and is an effective way to clean, restore and polish a stain-riddled, bug-splattered and muddy bull bar. 

It’s great for maintaining that everlasting mirror-like shine on stainless steel fittings on your boat, dirt bike, and cars alike.

Steps to clean your bull bar

1. Hose the dirt away

First things first, give the bull bar a good wash, making sure to remove as much dirt as possible.

Last thing you want to be doing is dragging bits of sand across the bar as you’re polishing it with a microfibre cloth and scratching it.

2. Apply some polish onto microfibre cloth

Next, apply either Silvo’s or Autosol onto a microfibre cloth and start polishing the bar. 

Note: If a black residue appears on the cloth, this means your aluminium bull bar has a protective coating and it’s safe to continue. If it doesn’t then stop right there. Continuing to polish may cause permanent damage.

Has your bull bar seen better days? 

There will come a time when your old bull bar just won’t cut it. Not only is it an eyesore — covered in chips and scratches or has started to rust beyond the point of repair — it no longer serves its sole purpose and that is protecting you, your passengers and your beloved rig.

With so many brands and types of bull bars out there, it can become a challenging task to pick the right one for your 4WD. How do you know which one to choose? What’s your overall weight limit? Is it road legal? Will it match the colour of your 4WD? 

Total 4×4 is here to help. We source and supply a wide selection of bull bars from some of Australia’s most trusted brands including TJM, ARB, ECB, SmartBar, XROX and our newest additions MAX and Offroad Animal.

With us, you can count on high-quality and advanced products as well as a professional fitting service in Perth. Contact us today for some free expert advice regarding 4WD accessories and what’s best for you and your rig.

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