Bull bars have been around for decades protecting a wide range of vehicles, or so we thought. Recent safety concerns have forced a rethink on the bull bar and the result is a ground breaking new product that not only offers additional protection for vehicle occupants, but also for pedestrians and animals, when accidents occur.

The new SmartBar (bull bar) is safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

SmartBar HiluxTraditional bull bars were made from metal; they were heavy, had no give, would need replacement after any serious collision and showed no mercy to any pedestrians or animals involved in a collision. They were also heavy, adding a considerable weight to vehicles that were often already overweight. The SmartBar has changed all of this. It is 100% Australian made, and is roto moulded from polyethylene, which offers a number of benefits.

Light weight – more economical

Polyethylene is far lighter than its metal counterpart, and the average fitted weight to 4wd’s is approximately 30 kg. This means reduced fuel consumption and less wear and tear on your suspension and tyres.

High impact safety

The main beauty and usefulness of polyethylene is that, despite its lighter weight, it has a unique ability to effectively absorb high impacts, returning to its original shape afterwards. The result is the crash damage to your vehicle is reduced, and your SmartBar enjoys a longevity that the original bull bar cannot touch. Bull Bars would often need to be replaced after a serious accident, resulting in downtime and high costs.

The Smart Bar also offers additional protection to your panels, particularly in high speed collisions and animal strikes. This means the amount of possible damage that your engine will sustain is greatly reduced, and the risk of engine immobilisation minimal. This is particularly important for drivers travelling in remote locations where mobile signals are erratic and help often difficult to come by.

Added protection for passengers and pedestrians

The SmartBar is stronger than its metal counterparts and because of its ‘give’ factor, offers far more protection to any pedestrians or animals it might strike. Crash tests have proven that the bar offers far more protection to adults, children and animals. The impact absorption factors will also protect occupants of the vehicle without compromising the air bag functionality.

Tests conducted by the Centre of Automotive and Safety Research (CASR) for HIC (Head Impact Criteria), which measures the head trauma and accident survival probability at certain speeds, have confirmed that SmartBar is superior to all other frontal vehicle protection systems that are currently on the market.

These bars are also designed to deflect an animal in the case of a strike, ensuring the vehicle remains mobile and offering the animal more chance of survival at the same time.


Smart bars provide equal protection to 4x4s, sedans, and trucks. They are most often used in police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances, in addition to regular vehicles.

Quality guaranteed

SmartBar is 100% Australian made, giving the manufacturers total control over the entire manufacturing process, earning them an ISO 9001 certification. They have internal teams that manage the CAD design, engineering, R&D, product formation, distribution and of course quality control and testing very step of the way.

This product has already achieved worldwide acclaim and is revolutionising the way we protect our vehicles, passengers and drivers, and pedestrians and animals.

If you want a SmartBar attached to your vehicle, get it done by your local 4×4 specialists.