Battery Trays

Battery Tray:   An essential extra for all your additional electrical needs is a steel battery tray to mount your auxiliary battery. Our battery trays are specifically designed for each vehicle model, include an essential firewall and are developed to carry the largest possible size battery – space permitting. Our battery trays are designed for strength being manufactured from 2mm steel, are powder coated for extra corrosion resistance and come complete with fitting kit and instruction.

Part #DescriptionYearFuelOther Info.LocationBattery size
BTF31Ford Ranger PX10/2011 onP/DFits under rear seat in tool box cavity. No space in engine bayDS Rear seatOptima D34 Yellow Top
BTF101Ford Ranger PX/Mazda BT5010/2011 onP/DFits in well body tub. No space in engine bayPS in well bodyN70Z
BTF27Bravo BT50  &  Courier Ranger Turbo2000-10/2011DNot with Auto Trans.PS FrontN50PP
BTF28Ford F250 Super Cab  TurboDPS ChassisN70Z
BTF24Bravo B2600 & Courier  4Cyl.2005-10/2011PPS RearN48Z
BTH48AColorado RG ute & Colorado 7 Wagon10/2013 onD3 Plug ECUPS Rear10″/Optima D34
BTH48Colorado RG ute & Colorado 7 Wagon06/2012 – 09/2013D1 plug ECUPS Rear10″/Optima D34
BTH47Colorado2008- 5/2012PTested on dual cabDS CentYuasa N41/ AGM GT12-55C
BTH65PRodeo RA V6 Petrol2003-2007PNo ABSPS RearN48Z
BTH65DRodeo RA Diesel2003-2007DNo ABSPS RearN48Z
BTH55Jackaroo Turbo Diesel & V699 – 03D  PPS CentN48Z
BTH14Hyundai Terracan  2.92005 onDNot with Cruise controlPS RearN48Z
BTI35Isuzu DMAX & MU-X Wagon11/2013 onD2WD & 4WDPS Rear10″/Optima D34
BTL30 Series 4 Discovery V6 & Range Rover2010 onDPS FrontPC12000 Odyssey
BTL70 Series 2 Discovery TD5PS RearES-12V1000
BTM82Challenger KH LS2009 onDPS RearN48Z
BTM21Pajero NM to NXD PPS RearN48Z
BTM21SPPajero NM, NP all & NS-NX Di DieselDOn NS fits SWBPS RearN50Z
BTM20Pajero NM & NP2000PPS Front55D23R
BTM19Pajero NH NJ Turbo DieselDPS CentN48Z
BTM18Pajero NJ 3.5 Litre V6PPSN48Z
BTM17Pajero NH-NJ 3.0 Litre V6PPS RearN48Z
BTM83Triton MQ  2WD & 4WD & Pajero Sport01/2015 onDPS RearOptima D35/Century D23RM
BTM82Triton ML & MN GXL-R Turbo 4WD2006 onDPS RearN48Z
BTM80Triton ML 3.2 Turbo  4WD base model2006 onDNot with ABSDS RearES12V800
BTM81Triton ML GLX-R V6  4WD2006 onPPS RearN48Z
BTM13Triton MK & Challenger96 to 07/2006D PPS RearN48Z
Part #DescriptionYearFuelOther InfoLocationBattery size
BTN85Patrol Y6212/2012 onPPS Rear10″ Optima D34 / Century Marine Pro 550
BTN59GU 4.2, 4.2 TD & 3 L TurboDFits with snorkelPS CentN70Z
BTN60GU 4.5, 4.8 Petrol, 2.8 TDI & 3 L TurboD PNo ABSPS RearN70Z  N50Z
BTN61GU 4.2 Diesel  4.2 TD & 3 L TurboDPS CentN70Z
BTN10GQ 4.2DPS CentN70Z
BTN11GQ DX & GU STD PNot GU Ti PetrolPS RearN65L
BTN68Navara D22 2.5Lt Turbo04/2008 onDNot for D40PS FrontN50
BTN63Navara D22 V62002 – 2008PNot for D40PS RearN48Z
BTN66Navara D22  3Lt Turbo2002 -2008DNot for D40PS RearN48Z
BTT93200 Series V82007 onD PUnder bonnet. Use fully sealed batteryPS Rear10″ Exide Orbital/Optima
BTT92200 Series 4.7L V82007 onPRH FrontN50
BTT90200 Series V82007 onD PExternalRH Rear ExtN48Z
BTT90B200 Series V82007 onD PExternal Maintenance free batteryRH Rear ExtAGM GT12-55c
BTT46100  Series IFS Turbo Diesel – for 3rd BatteryDPS RearN70Z
BTT50100 Series  6 cyl & V8 – for 2nd BatteryD PExtra P/S hose needed for V8 modelsDS FrontN70Z
BTT5470 series VDJ 76/78/79 V8 Diesel04/07 onDPS RearN70Z
BTT54A70 series VDJ 76/78/79 V8 Diesel04/07 onDWith ABSPS RearN70Z
BTT5370 series HZJ 78 and 7910/99 to 04/07DPS RearN70Z
BTT7870 Series FZJ & HZJ 75,78 & 79D PDouble Tray.  Not VDJPS CentreN70Z
BTT0770 Series HJ 75Pre 1990DPS FrontN70Z
BTT0870 Series HZJ 7590 – 10/99DPS RearN70Z
BTT0580 Series  HZJ & FZJ 24VD PNot FJ80DS FrontN70Z
BTT05R80 Series HZJ & FZJ 24VD PNot FJ80   OE ReplacementPS FrontN70Z
BTT0280 Series FJ80 3FPNo ABSPS RearN70Z
BTT0160 Series FHJPS FrontN70Z
Part #DescriptionYearFuelOther InfoLocationBattery size
BTT100FJ CruiserPDS FrontN48Z/NS50Z/AGM GT12-75c
BTT74Hilux 2.8DT, 2.4DT 4WD/2WD & Fortuner07/2015 onDPS RearN70Z
BTT72Hilux05/2005-06/2015D PPS RearN70Z
BTT73Hilux 3Lt. Turbo Diesel2000 to 03/2005DPS FrontN48Z
BTT62Hilux 2.7 Petrol2000 to 03/2005PCan also be used on 3L Turbo DieselDS RearES12V 800
BTT45Hilux 3 Litre Diesel  (Not LN105-111R)11/97 to 2002DNon Turbo Does not fit with snorkelPS FrontN70Z
BTT32Prado 150 Diesel07/2015 onDN70Z
BTT69Prado 150 Diesel11/09 -06/2015DAircon pipes require bendingDS FrontN70Z
BTT100Prado 150 V611/09 -06/2015D PAvoids aircon pipesDS FrontN48Z/NS50Z/AGM GT12-75c
BTT64DPrado 120 3 Lt Turbo03/2003-11/09DMove aircon pipe on GrandeDS FrontN70Z
BTT64PPrado 120 V603/03 – 11/09PMove aircon pipe on GrandeDS FrontN70Z
BTT12Prado V6 4cylPre 2003 PPS CentN48Z
BTT67Prado  3Lt. TurboPre 2003DPS FrontN70Z
BTV102Amarok02/2011 onDPS FrontN50Z