Save yourself from the risk of thousands of dollars in repair costs on your diesel vehicle.

The SoloDiesel will prevent misfuelling, and save you from hefty repair costs.

SoloDiesel Cap Only $98.00


Cap + Locking Cap $165.00


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Over 8,000 diesel vehicles are damaged every year from misfuelling in Australia

…They didn’t think it would happen to them either.

It could cost you anywhere from $600 to $25,000 to repair the vehicle, a serious concern for both commercial and private car owners.

It makes up for hundreds of thousands of liters of wasted fuel every year in need of being disposed ecologically.

The Costs of Misfueling

It doesn’t take much to misfuel, losing focus at the pump for a brief moment is enough of for the mistake to happen. Should this happen to you, there are two outcomes, both with their fair share of stress and costs.

  • If you realise your mistake on the spot, do not start the engine and let the service station attendant know immediately. It will cost you around $600 to drain the tank, having it flushed, and filling the tank a second time with the correct fuel.
  • If you misfuelled, drove off and only realised the mistake once your car starts to cough and splutter, things get complicated. You might make it home, or be stranded on the side of the road. You will need to call your local mechanic to have your car towed and fixed. Depending on how serious the damages are, you might need to replace filters, the fuel pump, your injector, a fuel tank or even an engine replacement. The bill to pay could cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $25,000.

Beyond the financial cost, a lot of energy and time will be spent to make up for that simple mistake.

With the SoloDiesel Cap you can be spared all the hassle for just $98.00

SoloDiesel Cap Only $98.00


Cap + Locking Cap $165.00


Prevent misfuelling

The whole ingenuity of the SoloDiesel Cap lies in its design. Its five safety latches recognise the diameter of the fuel nozzle. The SoloDiesel Cap will prevent any narrower petrol nozzle from being inserted by simply blocking it before it enters the fuel neck.
Beyond being a safety solution, it also allows for fast and proper fuelling. You won't spend time screwing and unscrewing your cap anymore thanks to the innovative SoloDiesel Cap flap system. The flap will open when the fuel nozzle is inserted and close the moment the nozzle is taken out to enable proper pressure regulation in your tank.

Easy to Use

Take off your vehicle’s fuel cap and replace it with the SoloDiesel fuel cap

That’s it. There is no second step, you’re ready to drive.

The SoloDiesel Cap is compatible with all makes of vehicles

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