How to Pack Your 4×4

It’s important to spend time thinking about what exactly you need to pack and then how to pack everything. It will save you from a lot of frustration once you are out in the middle of nowhere and it’s too late. If you take too much stuff you are left with the arduous task of having to reload it once it’s been unloaded. When it comes to carrying tools, don’t bring a full kit, go through your kit and only bring what you will use, leave the rest at home. Also, only bring the amount of top-up oil you will need, not a full canister. You also need to pack everything in a way that you can reach things easily and be able to check supplies daily.

In UTEs, because most of the cargo storage space is behind the rear axle, it’s important to load all the heavier stuff up at the front of the tray. After you have filled every inch of storage space in your vehicle, you should take your vehicle to your nearest registered weighbridge and have the total weight of your loaded vehicle checked against the manufacturer’s rated gross vehicle mass figure. If it’s too heavy, you run the risk of blowing your tyres.

By having a high-quality, robust canopy installed on your 4×4, you camping gear will have more secure storage space and be protected from the elements, making your camping trip in the outback a fun, hassle-free experience.