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No Bull**** Just Bull Bars | 7 Reasons Why Bull Bars Are Essential
\"Do I need a bull bar?\"A question that is often asked by most people who drive a 4x4 or has just recently purchased one. This question often divides people into two camps - there are those who see it as a form of protection against dangerous roads and those who deem it as a superficial accessory. To put it into perspective, an ice hockey player wears protective gear to keep them safe from flying pucks and other players colliding into them. The same way a bull bar helps protect the car and keep the passengers safe if there is an off chance that you collide with an animal, branches, stones, or any other objects. Ultimately, it all boils down to what you need the bullbar for. To help bridge the gap between these two camps we have listed some of the reasons why you would need a bull bar.  Protection from animal collisions If you spend a lot of time driving through rural areas along outback roads then you are probably aware of how much damage colliding with a kangaroo can do. Unexpectedly colliding with a roo or any other large animal without a bull bar can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle, can leave you stranded, and in worst case scenarios cause harm to your passengers and you. Installing a bull bar helps reduce the amount of damage caused to your vehicle by absorbing the initial impact. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are 100 kms away from the next town. Note: Avoid driving at dusk or dawn to minimise the risk of an animal collision.Safety first Driving off-road without any protection at all puts everyone at risk. Whether your traveling 100km/h on an outback road or bush bashing through the forest or dunes, your vehicle becomes a magnet for hazards. There’s only so much you can be vigilant about before a random branch lodges itself into the front of your car, you ram into a large rock or fallen tree, or run into some nasties hidden in the ruts. All these hazards can cause quite a lot of damage to the front end of your car, especially when it’s made out of plastic. Bull bars have been designed and built from materials that are made to withstand the elements and to protect you and your vehicle.  Mount all your accessoriesApart from the obvious safety features, a bull bar is also an excellent location to mount all your outdoor accessories. Despite having several locations available on your vehicle to mount a winch, one of the easiest ways to mount one is onto a bull bar. If you\'re someone who spends a lot of time in the dunes, it\'s essential that you have a sandflag mounted at all times, which can be best mounted onto the bull bar for optimal exposure. If you love beach fishing, you can forget about bringing the PVC pipes and instead mount some rod holders onto the bull bar. A strong sturdy bull bar is also a reliable point that provides a base to mount any additional driving lights or a UHF antenna.  Improve your approach angle Too often can the off-road terrain be unforgiving and as vigilant as you may be, eventually you\'re going to miscalculate the angle and scrape off some paint, or worse crack the bumper. Bull bars help improve your approach angle so that you can avoid hitting the terrain hard and negating any body damage. The most you will likely suffer is a couple of scuff marks on the bar, which sounds better than cracking your front bumper.  Install convenient recovery points They don’t make them like they used to. Back in the days vehicles used to have simple chassis rails that extended out the front making recovery jobs easy. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case and with recovery loads increasing what can we do? Certain types of bull bars have recovery points built in, some can be added as an option, and others help expose the chassis so that points can be added. Without a bull bar these days it can be quite difficult to fit in recovery points.  For more information Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there is a little more to consider before buying a bull bar. We have to understand that adding a bull bar to your vehicle is also adding on extra weight which can put more pressure on your front suspension, block sensors used for adaptive cruise control and parking, and increase fuel consumption. That being said, the advancements in bull bar technologies now include airbag and sensors compatibility, made from durable materials such as steel, alloy, and polyethylene, and of course they have to look good. A wide variety of brands including ARB, ECB, Outback, SmartBar, TJM, Uneek and XROX can be found at Total 4x4 in Perth, Western Australia.Request a free bull bar quote now
A Method to Misfuelling Madness
Going to the local servo and refueling your car can seem like a mundane task, we almost do it autonomously but what happens when we accidentally misfuel our car? Misfueling your vehicle can be quite a costly mistake and extremely damaging to your vehicles internals. Here is a quick guide on what happens to your vehicle and what steps to take if you have accidentally misfuelled your car:What happens when you misfuel? Accidentally putting in the wrong fuel into your vehicle can be quite disastrous, it’s like your dog gobbling down a family block of Cadbury chocolate. Petrol engines use thinner unleaded petrol that is ignited through the spark plugs resulting in torque and acceleration. Diesel is a much thicker, heavier and oily liquid that uses glow plugs to ignite with heat compression. Combining diesel and unleaded petrol creates a potent liquid that courses through the internals of your vehicle, and if left unnoticed can result in the replacement of the fuel pump, filters, injectors and fuel tank.  What do I do if I have misfuelled and drove off? At this point, you probably would’ve heard the wild noises coming from your engine as it has begun its descent into madness.Find somewhere safe to stop and turn the engine off immediately. Contact your road-service provider or towing service so that your vehicle can be transported to a mechanic.What to do if I have misfuelled but haven’t started the car?Do not start the engine. If you’re at the fuel pump, put your car in neutral, lift the handbrake and get some assistance in wheeling your car over to the parking lot. Contact your road-service providers so that they can come and drain the fuel tank, clean the fuel pump and replace any necessary filters.Prevention is the key You are more likely to put petrol into a diesel tank as opposed to diesel in a petrol car as the nozzle simply does not fit, however it can still happen. The cost of misfuelling can range anywhere between $600 to a maximum of $25,000 depending on when you realised you have misfuelled your car.This is why prevention is the key. Purchasing a misfueling cap can be the difference in going on holiday this Christmas or forking out a small fortune to fix your vehicle when you could have easily prevented it.The SoloDiesel cap replaces your current fuel cap and is designed to prevent any narrower petrol nozzles from being inserted by simply blocking it before it enters the fuel neck. The innovative design allows you to refuel faster and correctly by utilising a flap system that opens when the nozzle is inserted and closes the moment it is removed enabling proper pressure regulation. Find out more about the SoloDiesel misfuelling cap.
The Four Best Recreational 4X4’s For Caravan Towing
Go far and wide with ease when you choose the right 4x4 to lead the way Maybe you’re a born traveller, indulging in the nomad’s lifestyle that comes naturally to you. Maybe you’ve lived a routine life, seeing the same views and people which has left you with a deep desire for adventure and the great outdoors. Whatever the case, if you’re planning a road trip, and your preferred accommodation is a caravan or camper trailer, then you’re going to need a powerful vehicle to tow it. We’d like to suggest a 4x4.4x4s are the perfect solution in two scenarios, namely when you’re heading off-road into the bush, or if you’re towing a boat, heavy trailer or caravan. Today, we’re looking at towing caravan’s, and which is the best 4X4 to travel comfortably and safely while your mobile home follows in your wake. Our favourites 4x4 for caravan towing We’re going to cover some of the best recreation 4x4 vehicles for the job so sit tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride, or smooth in this case. Here are our favourites:Toyota LandCruiser 200 TDV8Max capacity: 350kg/3500kgThis beautiful beast boasts an appetite for diesel with a tank to match, offering an impressive amount of power as well as towing stability. If you’re planning to go far and wide, this is your ride.Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013Max capacity:350kg/3500kgSurprise, surprise another diesel engine. While its predecessor, the Grand Cherokee CRD, displayed a great tow tug, the turbo diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 with the same 3500kg braked trailer tow rating holds its own.It is comfortable, stylish, offers an impressive terrain selection system and can tow heavy loads with such ease you might forget you’re towing anything.Range Rover SDV6 3.0Max capacity: 350kg/3500kgThere are two versions of this Range Rover, but we’re referring specifically to the more powerful SDV6. The twin-turbo diesel engine can power you and your caravan effortlessly to just about any remote destination.Land Rover Discovery 4 3.0Max capacity:350kg/3500kgThis Range Rover can handle all types of trail and its terrain response function gives you the power to correct 4x4 settings at the touch of a button. Despite its size it handles well just about anywhere, and its V6 twin turbo engine has enough power to easily tow the largest caravan. Tips for towing Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you turn the key to the ignition and set out on your journey:Slow and steady – When you’re towing a caravan you will need more time and space so take your time, brake earlier and accelerate slower than usual. Wider is the way – When taking a corner, you must take it a wider angle to accommodate the additional length of your caravan. Sharing is not caring – Never carry passengers in the caravan while you’re towing it. It is dangerous and not recommendedIf you are considering taking a few trips into the outdoors with friends or family make sure you are fully equipped with the right vehicle and know the best practice for towing your caravan safely and hassle-free. We live, breathe and dream all things 4x4 at Total 4x4.  Feel free to consult us for any information you may need to make your next camping trip a success. With over 30 years’ experience, we’ll point you in the right direction.Did you find this helpful? We hope so. Total 4x4 is your one-stop shop for all your 4WD, truck and passenger vehicle accessories. We are also readily available with expert advice. Contact us today.
How Canopies Provide The Best Storage Solution
 Heading on a trip to the outback in a 4×4 vehicle is the safest and best way to do it. You need all the off-road power that a 4×4 UTE offers, but what’s also important is efficiently utilising all that storage space for your outback camping gear. A canopy allows you to maximise a UTE’s storage capacity, with its ability to safely and securely store all your camping gear and necessary tools for your trip, while also protecting them from rain and dust. It also means keeping all that gear separate from your passengers in the cab. You can store your food items in cooler boxes under the helpful shade of the canopy.
What Are SmartBar Bull Bars?
The new SmartBar (bull bar) is safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Bull bars have been around for decades protecting a wide range of vehicles, or so we thought. Recent safety concerns have forced a rethink on the bull bar and the result is a groundbreaking new product called the SmartBar. This product not only offers additional protection for vehicle occupants, but also for pedestrians and animals, when accidents occur.The SmartBar is 100% Australian made and is roto moulded from polyethylene, unlike traditional bull bars, which were made from metal. They had no give, would need replacement after a serious accident, and showed no mercy to pedestrians or animals involved in collisions. The metal bars were also heavy, adding considerable weight to vehicles that were often already overweight – unlike the SmartBar, which is in a league of its own thanks to the number of benefits it offers drivers, passengers, pedestrians and animals.  Lightweight – more economical Polyethylene is much lighter than metal, and the average weight fitted to 4WDs is approximately 30kg, as opposed to the much heavier 60kg metal bar. The lighter material means reduced fuel consumption and less wear and tear on your suspension and tires.  High-impact safety The primary beauty and usefulness of polyethylene is that, despite its light weight, it effectively absorbs high impacts, returning to its original shape afterwards. The result is the crash damage to your vehicle is reduced, and your SmartBar enjoys a longevity that the original bull bar cannot touch. Bull bars would often need to be replaced after a serious accident, resulting in downtime and high costs.The Smart Bar also offers protection to your panels, particularly in high-speed collisions and animal strikes. This means the amount of damage that your engine could sustain is greatly reduced, and the risk of engine immobilisation minimal. This is particularly important for drivers traveling on holidays or camping weekends to remote locations where mobile signals are erratic and help is often difficult to come by.    Added protection for passengers and pedestrians The SmartBar is stronger than metal and because of its ‘give’ factor and crash tests have proven that the bar offers far more protection to adults, children and animals. The impact absorption factors will also protect occupants of the vehicle without compromising the airbag functionality.  Tests conducted by the Centre of Automotive & Safety Research (CASR) for HIC (Head Impact Criteria), which measures the head trauma and accident survival probability at certain speeds, have confirmed that SmartBar is superior to all other frontal vehicle protection systems that are currently on the market.These bars are also designed to deflect an animal in the case of a strike, ensuring the vehicle remains mobile while also offering the animal more chance of survival.  Versatile Smart bars are most often used in police vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances, however, they also provide equal protection to regular vehicles such as 4x4s, sedans, and trucks. Additionally, they can be made to match your colour-coded Aeroklas canopy; making these accessories look like they’re produced as part of the vehicle’s bodywork.  Quality guaranteed SmartBar is 100% Australian made, giving the manufacturers total control over the entire production process, earning them an ISO 9001 certification. They have internal teams that manage the CAD design, engineering, R&D, product formation, distribution, quality control and testing, every step of the way.This product has already achieved worldwide acclaim and is revolutionising the way we protect our vehicles, passengers, drivers, and pedestrians and animals.If you want a SmartBar attached to your vehicle, get it done by your local 4×4 specialists where you can have Rhino Racks fitted – with up to 80kg loading mass – and you can choose stylish colour-coded canopies to complement your new SmartBar. Get ready to tackle the outdoors safely.If you want a SmartBar attached to your vehicle, get it done by your local 4×4 specialists.

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