Boab Drawers


BOAB builds on the traditional benefits of roller drawers with the added advantage of removable ABS boxes that let you grab what you want or take the whole box out and move your gear where you need it. That means more convenient camping, easier packing, and with optional extra boxes you can switch from work to play quickly and simply. And for the ultimate in versatility there’s BOAB’s new self-contained drop-in systems.

There’s no installation, simply drop them in when you need them and take them out for extra space, a lighter load, full seating capacity, or to switch between vehicles.

BOAB roller drawers…simply brilliant!

  • heavy-duty frames fitted with roller-bearing slides
  • secure rattle-free closure
  • easy DIY installation
  • removable heavy-duty ABS boxes
  • easy to load away from the vehicle
  • easy to carry to camp or work site
  • protection for food and equipment away from the vehicle
  • stackable boxes with secure lid catch